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Tours & Trekking

Follow Kachoch hill tribe ranger for a hike that will take you in to Kaoh Piek forest which the southern of Virakchey National Park. Starting on the dirt roads to Vun Sai, the banks of the Sesan and O’Lalai rivers, visit small settlements, stay overnight in the jungle, and submerge in a beautiful forest. This trek does not only focus on nature, but also engage with indigenous communities, learn about local farming and lifestyle.

This Cambodia adventure is simply an amazing experience for all wildlife lovers. You will get to see the incredibly rare Northern Yellow-Cheeked Gibbons in their natural habitat in the Ratanakiri province of Northeast Cambodia. In partnership with ‘Conservation International’ and the local communities have put together an exclusive one night gibbon spotting trek, the first of its kind in Cambodia.

It is an area rich in natural beauty and is home to several ethnic hill tribes and minority groups. Tourists can visit communities and experience first-,hand the evening day life, traditions, customs and rituals of indigenous people.

4 days trekking, rafting and home stay in the village with ethnic minority in the Virachey National Park. ( this is our new research on 3rd in November 2017 and on 9th in May 2022 )